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Do you use your Amazon Kindle on the beach, by the pool, or in the bathtub? A book style or flip style Kindle cover may not suffice. Make sure to protect your Kindle with a waterproof Kindle case!

If you are looking for a high quality brand name waterproof Kindle case, then you might want to consider the one, pictured below, from M-Edge (also makes very popular and stylish Kindle covers and cases) called The Guardian Kindle Case.

It is a watertight case and allows full functionality so you don’t have to worry about damage to your Kindle by the water seeping through. Since The Guardian Kindle Case is watertight, it will actually float! So imagine reading your favorite eBook hands-free while floating on the pool. This cool, innovative case is available now, which is just in time for the vacations! The range of colors include, Black, Red and Cobalt Blue.

The Guardian Kindle Case cover feels fairly heavy (17 ounces) when it’s held for the first time. It is constructed of transparent molded polycarbonate plastic, thereby making it rugged, waterproof and very durable. Flexible sealed button cut-outs allow access to the Kindle’s navigation controls and QWERTY keyboard, which works very well; however, there appears to be no access to the power button and so the sleep mode has to be disabled before diving into the water!

The amazing feature about this product unlike like other waterproof Kindle cases to date is that it literally allows you to swim with your Kindle. Seriously, would you ever dream of splashing around with a TrendyDigital ziplock Kindle case (see below)? No way. Well you can with the Guardian. Let me explain how. The Guardian Kindle case is 100% watertight and will keep your device protected in up to 1m depth of water as it has a dual hinge, integrated O-ring gasket and a 4-latch closure system. You can also read hands-free in the bath tub or swimming pool because this Kindle case actually floats face-up on water due to the inclusion of 3 internal bouyancy chambers.

Note that charging ports can only be accessed when the device is removed from the case. An anti-reflective film is used to protect the screen area of the Guardian Kindle Case so that you can enjoy a good reading experience on bright, sunshiny days.

The Guardian Kindle Case.

The TrendyDigital Waterguard Kindle Case is an inexpensive waterproof case from Amazon and has above average ratings.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Kindle Case – Blue Border. This Kindle case is a good investment for an absorbing Kindle reading experience on a beach holiday, beside the pool or in the bathtub or kitchen as it provides great protection from splashes of water, sand and dust. The case itself is made of transparent plastic with a blue border around the edge and a double layer of sealing that can be pressed shut along the width of the case. The case works like a Ziploc bag, but a lot sturdier.  While your Kindle is inside the case, all functions work pretty well, with the exception of the power button and the 5-way controller. Furthermore, this case has been treated to render it stable to ultra-violet light so that if it is used outdoors it will not be discolored by the sunlight. A convenient adjustable strap allows this case to be worn around the neck or hung from the shoulder. The QWERTY keypad and navigation buttons can all be easily operated through this case.

While it’s not completely waterproof (i.e. don’t immerse in the water), the case provides enough protection from the elements. It may sound obvious, but just be aware that this Kindle case does not allow access to the charging ports. Also available with a Purple Border.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Kindle Case-Blue Border

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