Jun 172010

The Official Moleskine Kindle Cover has finally arrived. Now, let me make it absolutely clear that it’s not made from REAL mole skin. But if you’re familiar with the Moleskine stationery products and you’re an avid ebook worm, trust me you are in for a treat as you can now unleash your creativity with this novel Kindle Cover.

Official Moleskine Kindle Cover - Open

Take a step back in history and you’ll discover that the simple black notebook has been the mainstay of many famous names in literature and modern art; I’m talking Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.  Since the name Moleskine was first coined in 1986 by Bruce Chatwin in ‘The Songlines’, the Moleskine notebook brand has become associated with quality stationery products for many consumers around the world. Would you believe that Moleskin notebooks have been skillfully transformed to house digital devices? Check out the video below.

At last, avid ebook worms who use the world’s most popular ebook reader, the Amazon Kindle, can protect their device and enjoy a comfortable book style reading experience with the Moleskine Kindle Cover.

It comes with the signature smooth hard black cover with oil cloth material, rounded corners and a durable elastic band to keep the device safe when it’s not in use. The ivory colored suede microfiber lining on the interior gently cushions the Kindle, which is securely held in place by 4 corner, double stitched elasticated bands. The front cover of the Moleskine Kindle Cover allows you to slip in a Moleskine Volant Reporter plain, black cover notebook for scribbling your musings as you enjoy a relaxing read; the great news is that the price for the cover includes 2 Moleskine Volant Reporter notebooks.

This Kindle cover allows full accessibility to charging ports and buttons which means that your reporter notebook and Kindle need not be parted. The Moleskine cover is available for both Kindle 2 ( latest generation) and Kindle DX.

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