Jun 182010

Amazon will have a good reason to celebrate as the Amazon Kindle 2 and Kindle DX ebook readers were rated as the best choice for consumers when 9 dedicated devices were tested for their performance in comprehensive lab tests as reported in the July issue of Consumer Reports and www.ConsumerReports.org.

Also the ebook reading capabilities of the Apple iPad were assessed but not rated alongside the dedicated devices.

Amazon’s Kindle devices had crisper and more readable type compared to all other ebook readers tested, including the iPad, and were also also the fastest at refreshing and page turns. The Kindle 2 latest generation was considered preferable to consumers due to its greater portability and lighter weight compared to its larger sibling, the Kindle DX, which is more suited to reading e-textbooks.

The Barnes and Noble Nook was rated well for fast page turns, but when compared with the Kindle 2, the type was not as crisp and it was heavier. The Nook had more complicated navigation of content and touch controls were non-intuitive.

For the 2 Sony ebook readers, the Daily Edition PRS900 and the Touch Edition PRS600, the versatility of their performance rated well in terms of their ability to behave as digital notepads for text or drawings. The Daily Edition is comparatively heavy and expensive, whereas the Touch Edition does not have unlimited, free 3G wireless connectivity so ebooks cannot be downloaded at an impulse wherever you are.

Consumer Reports found that 3 other ebook readers were undistinuished at best, namely the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro, the BeBook Neo, and the iRex DR 800SG.

To compare the Amazon Kindle 2 latest generation, Kindle DX, Nook, Sony Touch Edition PRS600 and Apple iPad check our eReader comparison.

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