Jun 212010

Barnes & Noble announced the release of the new Nook WiFi-only configured ebook reader priced at $149. Meanwhile, the price of the established Nook WiFi+3G (free) has been drastically dropped from $259 to $199. Connectivity is free at all AT&T WiFi hotspots and Barnes and Noble Stores.

If you compare the eReaders, some other key differences between the 2 Nook devices are: The Nook WiFi weighs 11.6 oz and has a white back panel, whereas the Nook WiFi+3G weighs 12.1 oz and has a gray back panel.

This sets the Nook WiFi up for direct competition with the recently released $150 Kobo eReader at Borders in the US. The one downside of the Kobo is that it has just Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Lets wait and see if  the Nook WiFi steals Kobo’s thunder…and potential ebook buyers.

Prior to the price cut, the Nook WiFi+3G was directly competing with the Amazon Kindle 2 (latest generation) and it would be interesting to see if Barnes and Noble’s action today will begin an ebook reader price war.

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