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Cole Haan is a premier American designer label established in 1928, epitomizing artisan quality and perfect craftsmanship in footwear and accessories. Since 2008 Cole Haan products have banned the use of exotic skins and furs, following a request by the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals.

Cole Haan Kindle Cover range includes the truly amazing Smooth Leather Cover for the 2nd Generation Kindle, featuring:

  • Hand-stained smooth leather exterior
  • Goatsuede interior
  • Utilizes Kindle-compatible hinge system to hold device in place securely.
  • Convenient business card holder
  • Available in Black and Dark Brown.

Black Cole Haan Hand-Stained Smooth Leather Kindle CoverDark Brown Cole Haan Hand-Stained Smooth Leather Kindle Cover

Cole Haan Smooth Leather Patented hinge holds your Kindle 2Cole Haan Smooth Leather Interior pocket holds business cards or identification

Although the Cole Haan Smooth Leather Kindle Cover is about twice as expensive the standard Amazon Leather Kindle cover, positive feedback has been provided by owners. Here are the common observations by owners:

  • Comfortable to hold for long periods of time.
  • The smooth cover scratches easily
  • Does not significantly increase the bulk or weight of the kindle
  • Makes the reading experience much better.
  • The front cover folds back easily behind the Kindle making it very easy to hold, like a paperback book.
  • The business card holder it prevents the cover from laying completely flush.
  • Upgraders from Amazon Leather Kindle Cover expressed high satisfaction with the Cole Haan Kinde Cover.
  • Mounting the Kindle on hinge system is tricky for some. Here is a tip: Put the bottom hinges in first then the top hindges.
  • Padded very well front and back.

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