Jul 012010

Amazon today announced that it will take pre-orders for it’s sleek, new graphite Kindle DX latest generation device at a lower price of $379 compared to the original Kindle DX which was priced at $489. The latest Kindle DX boasts free 3G wireless connectivity in the US and in over 100 other countries and 50% improved display contrast for sharper images and clearer text.

The new Pearl display which has been used in the latest Kindle DX is an advancement on the Vizplex screen technology, which comes courtesy of E Ink, that has been used for all of the major ebook readers currently on the market e.g. Amazon Kindle 2, Barnes and Noble Nook and Sony. With the Pearl display, the contrast between the background and the text now resembles the appearance of a paperback book unlike the Vizplex display which resembles a typical newspaper. The adoption of Pearl should be more widespread as ebook reader manufacturers upgrade devices in the future.

The price drop for the new Kindle DX reinforces Amazon’s position as a strong competitor in the ebook reader market following the worldwide iPad consumer frenzy.

Shipping for the latest Kindle DX commences on 7 July 2010.

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