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Designed for the Amazon Kindle 2, this cover’s trendy design along with a smooth finish and contrast stitching makes your Kindle 2 stand out from the rest. This cover offers full device protection with a stylish weave combination of luxury Italian leather; while the soft microfiber interior ensures your Kindle will always be cushioned in comfort. Holding the Kindle 2 in this case, feels much more like a real book and is perfect for those longing to recapture the feel of reading. The cover is light, adding minimal bulk yet offers superior protection for your Kindle. The inside is completely flat which allows the cover to fold back flawlessly, allowing the user to read with one hand.

Available in two contrasts – Black/Brown & Green/Brown.

Black Brown OCTOVO Weave Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge

Whether at the office, on the subway or in your home, this cover will protect your Kindle 2 from scratches and dings and features a small elastic band on the inside back cover (bottom right) to ensure your Kindle is securely held inside the case. The cover also utilizes the Amazon mounting system to secure the Kindle firmly in place and the cover is contoured to fit the Kindles smooth, rounded edges. Reading with the cover on, you can easily access all the Kindles navigation features and power switch, while still enjoying a perfect fit in your hands.Green Brown OCTOVO Weave Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge

Here are some comments of owners of these covers:

  • The pictures do not do this cover justice.
  • It has great supple leather and protects my Kindle well.
  • The weave style makes it more more tolerant to wear and tear.
  • It’s thin but feels slightly padded by the woven leather.
  • The smell of the leather is divine.
  • The black portion of the cover is one piece of leather! It is then die cut and the contrasting brown pieces are woven through the cuts.

Green Open OCTOVO Weave Kindle 2 Leather Cover with Hinge Also,  take a look at our Top 10 Kindle Covers and Kindle Cases to help you make the right choice about protecting your Kindle from bumps and scratches.

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  2 Responses to “OCTOVO Kindle Cover Range – OCTOVO Weave Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge”

  1. Do any of these cases have a place to hold the cord?

    • Hi Janice,

      None of these Kindle Covers have storage for the power cord. These Kindle Covers are designed ror ultra lightweight handling convenience rather than carrying additional accessories. Note that the Kindle ebook reader has a typical battery life of 14 days, so it may not be necessary to keep the cord close to your kindle all the time. If however, you are very mobile and travel a lot you should check out our Top 10 Kindle Cases list. Cheers.

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