Jul 132010

The JavoEdge Axis Case is a well padded iPad case to guarantee full protection for the whole device whilst also being light and comfortable to hold for an enjoyable read. When this case is opened up, the rear panel of the case allows the iPad to be tilted at 3 viewing angles in landscape mode. Also, in addition, a rotating mechanism on the rear cover allows the iPad to be tilted at 3 viewing angles in portrait mode.

The case provide good stability for the iPad in all of the different positions as there are 3 sets of rubber steps on the inner part of the front panel to prop up the tilted iPad. A magnet flap closure conveniently secures the the cover in the closed position.

This case passed the eBookReaderGuide.com flip upside down ‘n’ shake test to make sure that the iPad stayed put in it’s form fitting enclosure on the rear panel. As there is full accessibility to all controls and charging ports there is no need to remove the device from the case. Well done JavoEdge you’ve given a great deal of thought to designing this case for hands-free viewing. There are now 6 smart designs to choose from:

JAVOedge Poppy Axis Case for iPad (Sunny Yellow)

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case for iPad (Twilight Purple)JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case for iPad (Ocean Blue)JAVOedge Plaid Axis Case for iPad

JAVOedge Charcoal Axis Case for the Apple iPad

JAVOedge Fiber Axis Case for iPad

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