Sep 022010

The Japanese consumer electronics giant, Sony, has announced new upgraded ebook reader devices. The Pocket Edition PRS350 with a 5 inch display will be available in pink and silver (priced at $149) and Touch Edition PRS650 with a 6 inch display will be available in black and red (priced at $229). Both of which are globally available in the United States at the Sony website and In order to keep up with the widely available Amazon Kindle, both new Sony models feature improved Pearl E-Ink screens with clearer displays and improved contrast, slimmer designs and anti-glare touchscreen controls.

As well as having a touchscreen, another advantage that the Sony ebook reader devices have over the Amazon Kindle is that the former devices have note taking  capabilities and provide a platform for reading open format ePUB files. However, the lack of wireless connectivity in both of the new Sony ebook readers is currently a major disadvantage for consumers who want to purchase ebooks directly to their devices, in which case the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook are more suitable and therefore offer greater convenience.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Sony will follow suit with Amazon and Barnes and Noble to develop a Sony Reader application for the iPad and other mobile/smartphone devices in the future.

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