Jan 202011

Apple iPad 3G

Apple recovered back from yesterday’s announcement of Steve Job’s health-related absense with yet another amazing set of results. Quarterly income reached a brand new all-time record at $26.7bn as iPads and iPhones became the thing to own this Xmas. Net earnings of $6bn were also a new record. iPad sales hit 7.3m for the 11 weeks to December, beating virtually all analyst expectations.

Some other figures were just as remarkable. As many as 16.2m iPhones were sold, 4.1m Macintosh computers and 19.5m iPods.

“We had a phenomenal holiday quarter, ” CEO Steve Jobs said in a press release. “We are firing on all cylinders and we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline for this year including iPhone 4 on Verizon, which customers can’t wait to get their hands on. ”

Stock in the iconic company recovered on the numbers having been hit early by Jobs anticipated illness. It is his second medical leave of absence in 24 months and his third since 2004. Jobs emailed staff that he would be back at work as soon as he could. In his absence, chief operating officer Tim Cook will handle all day-to-day operations.

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