Jan 212011

The New York Times is to start charging about $20 a month for access to an online edition of the newspaper, according to industry sources. Faced with declining sales of the printed edition, newspaper bosses are desperate to extract more revenue from their vast and growing numbers of online readers, who have traditionally enjoyed free and first access to news stories. Clearly advertising revenue from newspaper websites is not adequate compensation for the newspaper owners. The New York Time Latest News

When the The Wall Street Journal and The Times of London started charging subscriptions online in 2010, visitor numbers to their websites plummeted, along with online advertising revenue. The transition to paid online access will be a painful one – for both the newspaper owners and readers – but is required to safeguard the future of famous titles.

What this means for Kindle and iPad owners is that an electronic newspaper subscription will shortly become the most convenient and cheapest way of reading the newspaper. It is already cheaper than the printed version, and more convenient to read the electronic edition on an easily held mobile device, such as the Kindle reader, as compared with PC or netbook. And if you are a regular international traveller you can continue to receive your favorite newspaper fresh, virtually anywhere on the planet, instead of paying a huge price for crumpled week old concise issue in some remote corner or the world. Try out a free 2 month newspaper subscription on your next trip. There are hundreds of titles available.

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