Apr 292011

After a while, when your collection of books on your Kindle reader starts building up, you will need to adopt a system for organising you collection. The following are three commonly used methods to manage books that you have read.

1. Leave the book on the last page

If you exit a book on or near the end of the book, the dots under the book title on the main screen will all appear bold, indicating that the book has been read. The book will also get pushed further and further down the list on your main screen as other books are opened and as new books are added to the collection. However, this may become cumbersome if you have a large book collection and switch between many books. An unread book can then move down the list and be forgotten about. In this situation, one of the following two methods may be preferred.

2. Delete a book from the Kindle

A way of avoiding the build up of read book on your Kindle is to delete them from your Kindle, with the option of re-downloading them in future. Deleting a book also deletes the annotation from the Kindle, but that is also retrievable with the book. The only trace of the book that will remain on the Kindle is the book title in the Archive collection, and any clipping made from the book which will appear in the “My Clippings” file. First select a book and click the left arrow on the 5-way button to bring up the Delete option. If the book was purchased from Amazon, it will remain available for free download (with the previous annotations). If the book was not purchased from Amazon, you may want to ensure that the a copy of the book is stored on your PC, so that it can be re-downloaded in the future, if necessary. Of course Kindle books can also be stored locally on a PC as well.

3. Add the book to a collection

If you are likely to want to refer back to a previously read book, you may want to keep the book on your Kindle but keep the book title off the main screen, This can be done by adding the book to a collection. You can create a collection named “Books I have Read”, “Finished” or “Read in 2011” specially for this purpose. If you want to really minimalize the main screen, you could move newly downloaded book to a collection named “Books to be Read” or “Unread”. Thus the main screen will usually only list books that you are currently reading.

Leave a comment below if you use another method of organising your Kindle book collection.

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