Apr 302011

Kindle Readers can soon borrow books from over 11,000 local public libraries, and without late fees!

Borrowed books can be read on all generations of Kindle and free Kindle reading apps. Kindle reading apps are currently available for:


– Android device,

– BlackBerry,

– iPod touch,

– iPhone,

– Windows Phone,

– Windows and

– Mac computers.

If a Kindle book is checked out again or that book is purchased from Amazon, all of a customer’s annotations and bookmarks will be preserved.

Amazon is working with OverDrive, the leading provider of digital content solutions for over 11,000 public and educational libraries in the United States, to bring a seamless library borrowing experience to Kindle customers.

"We're excited  that  millions
of Kindle  customers  will  be
able to  borrow  Kindle  books
from  their  local  libraries.
Customers tell  us  they  love Source:
Kindle  for  its  Pearl  e-ink Jay Marine,
display that is easy  to  read Director, Amazon Kindle
even in bright sunlight, up to announced on
a month of battery  life,  and 20 April 2011
Whispersync  technology   that
synchronizes notes, highlights
and  last  page  read  between
their Kindle and  free  Kindle
apps.   We're  doing  a little
something extra here.
Normally, making margin  notes
in  library   books is  a  big
no-no. But we're extending our
Whispersync   technology    so
that you can highlight and add
margin  notes  to Kindle books
you  check out from your local
library.  Your notes will  not
show  up  when the next patron
checks  out the book.   But if
you check out the book  again,
or  subsequently buy it,  your
notes  will  be there just  as
you   left   them,   perfectly

"We are excited to be  working
with Amazon  to  offer  Kindle
Library     Lending   to   the Source:
millions of customers who read Steve Potash
on  Kindle  and  Kindle  apps. CEO,
We hear librarians and patrons OverDrive.
rave  about  Kindle,   so   we announced on
are  thrilled  that   we   can 20 April 2011
be part  of  bringing  library
books  to   the   unparalleled
experience   of   reading   on

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