May 102011

Here are some interesting facts according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc.

  • Over 94% of ereader and tablet users say they find screen reading easier than reading printed text. However, consumers’ reading habits are constrained by technology. Improving tablets and ereaders to become more competitive with paper in terms of weight, form factor, screen resolution, waterproofing, ruggedness, easy highlighting and note taking, will enable consumers to take and use their devices at the beach, in the bath or out into the sun where they take their paper books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Chinese respondents had the highest familiarity (60%) with e-readers with electronic ink displays (as used on the Amazon Kindle). Compare this with 44% of respondents in U.K., 43% in U.S. and 25% in India had some experience of using e-readers.

The survey also notes some trends that are emerging

  • For content providers, the interactive capabilities of screen readers are enabling the delivery of a richer user experience — for example, illustrating a book on music with musical excerpts (rights permitting).
  • For communications service providers, for products such as the Kindle and iPad that use wireless or Internet connections for content delivery, there is an opportunity for customer acquisition and retention through product subsidy and cross-selling/upselling of data plans.
  • Cloud-based digital storage of DRM products. Consumers do not want to manage multiple collections and also hate paying twice for content

Source: Gartner Survey Shows Digital Text Consumption Nearly Equal to Time Spent reading Printed Paper Text (May 10, 2011)

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