May 192011

As mentioned on our previous post Travelling With Kindle 3G Abroad and Free 3G Wireless Web Browsing, the only 3G usage that is truly free is Kindle Book browsing and downloading; and browsing. This post explains how to get the most out of Wikipedia browsing.

It would have been very convenient to have a ‘Wiki-button’ to hit when you come across something in your Kindle book that  want to look up on Wikipedia. However, the following method has a few more steps and is perfectly acceptable:

  1. Highlight the text (Enter, cursor).
  2. Copy selected text to the "clipboard" (press Space).
  3. If required, vary the copied text to get the exact term of interest.
    Cursor down to your choices (Cancel, Clear, Save & Share, etc.), keep going to the right until you get to Wikipedia, hit Enter.
    Prefix “@wiki” the keyword displayed in the search box.
  5. If the wireless was switched off, you will be prompted to turn it on to enable access to the web.
  6. When on the Wikipedia site, you may want to enlarged or read in landscape.
  7. After browsing on Wikipedia, you may want to switch off the wireless to conserve battery power.

(Note, other search commands available as an alternative to @wiki in step 4, are: @help, @web, @store, and @time.)

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