May 202011

Students returning to College are making a strong case to their parents to furnish them with an iPad. So is the iPad another toy to be used for playing games and watching the latest viral video anywhere and everywhere or is it really going to improve the grades?

The short answer is the iPad is proving to be a great study tool. Some educational institutions are already equipping their students with iPads. There are real benefits to be gained and some of these are identified below.

Increasing number of college text ebook publishers are signing up to Apple’s recently announced Agency model, increasing the number of eBook titles offered through the iBookstore. These publishers include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kaplan Publishing, Wiley, McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson and Radom House. In additions, apps are available that allow PDF and ePub formatted college text books to be read on the iPad as well as borrowed from local public and college libraries. In the near future Kaplan could make available test prep materials and study guides such as LSAT and GMAT study courses in the iPad format .

The iPad can display color and animation, features that are increasingly being incorporated into college text books. However if the study material is simple text as in many Arts and Literature subjects, an electronic ink eBook reader may be better choice or a good complementary device. These eReaders can be read out doors in the sun, and can be handled with one hand just like a paperback. An advantage over the printed book is that removable annotations can be made using a keyboard or a stylus depending on the model of ereader. See our Top eReaders Comparison.

Returning to the iPad, being a multifunctional device the iPad comes ready loaded with productivity applications such as planners, to do lists, reminders and journals. Book collection search and cross-referencing to dictionaries, thesaurus, translation books, and encyclopedia are also readily available and much faster.

Finally, there is the weight saving advantages. Soon there will no longer be the sight of poor students loaded with stacks of heavy text books. An iPad can hold tens of thousands of books and weighs less then a kilogram. There is also a space saving benefit.

So, in conclusion, there is a very good case for adding an iPad to the student tool box. Just make sure that a durable and protective iPad cover or case is also provide.

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