May 212011

Why would you want to make a Kindle cover or Kindle case when there is a plethora of ready made high quality covers and cases available? Well, there are a spectrum of reasons why you may want to make your own Kindle cover and case?

Well, here are some very convincing reasons:

  • Making your own Kindle cover or Kindle case is the ultimate in personalization and exclusivity.
  • You just don’t like any of the Kindle covers and cases available – they are the wrong price, wrong color, or the pocket is in the wrong place.
  • You can make a Kindle cover or Kindle case to you exact requirement.
  • You love to sew, stitch or generally use your hands. Making a Kindle cover or Kindle case can be fun and memorable experience.
  • Adopt a recessionary and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • You might stumble upon a revolutionary Kindle cover or Kindle case design, making innovative use of duct tape, magnets or rubber bands, and become famous.

There is a hive of talented bloggers that share their kindle cover creative ideas with detailed descriptions, kindle cover patterns or sewing or cutting, photos, and tips. This makes inspiring reading for anyone interested in making a kindle cover rather than simply buying one. However, to save you time we have scoured the web and are producing a Top 10 lists of the best homemade Kindle covers and cases. If you have any suggestions or nomination for our list please feel free to post a comment.

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