May 222011

Oberon Design is a small company in California, US, and has been making leather goods and pewter jewelry since the 1970s. Oberon goods are recognizable by the characteristic deep tooling of leather good. This creates a vivid and dramatic image on the facade of the cover.

Oberon Designs currently manufacture Kindle covers for the latest generation Kindles, namely the Kindle 3 and the Kindle DX, as well as the second generation Kindle 2. Customization of your order is possible by selecting from a wide assortment of images and from the three available colors.

The cover is held close by a durable bungee strap anchored by a decorative Britannia pewter button. Relatively speaking, this probably the weakest link in the whole design, although Bernard Smith of Oberon Design assures us that the “marine” grade bungee strap should last for “years”. And just in case, a replacement bungee strap is provided along with easy to follow instruction. You just need to store that spare bungee strap carefully and remember where you put it! Actually, it is kind of reassuring that the company is thinking long term and expects the Kindle cover to last such a long time that it puts in a spare.

Inside the cover the Kindle is held in place by three thick straps, one at each corner except the to right corner, where a thinner elasticated strap is positioned. The thinner strap is used to lock the Kindle in place or to release it. When inserting the Kindle into the Oberon Kindle cover, the Kindle is first inserted into the lower two corner straps, and then the top left hand (thick) strap. Once in position, the thinner strap can be snapped over the Kindle, thereby locking the Kindle securely in position. All Kindle controls remain accessible.

Other feature inside the Oberon 3 Kindle cover are the three pocket area. There is a small pocket on the left side inside cover. There are also two large pockets created between the outer leather and inner leather sheet on both the left and right hand side. These are large enough to put you hand in, thus offering another way to hold the Kindle when the cover is folder back on itself. When you first receive an Oberon Kindle 3 cover, you may think that this is impossible due to the stiffness of the leather. As is common with leather goods, the Oberon Kindle 3 Cover becomes more supple with time. The leather colors also become more attractive with time.

Unlink many other Kindle covers, Oberon Kindle 3 covers are manufactures in the United States.The leather is crafted and tanned locally in the US. Oberon Design can teach Japanese companies a thing or two about “Just In Time Management”: it famously does not hold any stock, and gets working on your Kindle cover (or any other leather goods) as soon as it received your order.

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