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So you have just bought a shiny new Kindle and are now looking for a protective new Kindle cover to go with it? Or perhaps a cover with a matt or fabric finish. Whatever your preference, you may be left feeling slightly disorientated by the daunting collection of new Kindle covers available. But luckily, you have found this post! It will provide you with advice and tips on how to find the perfect new Kindle cover for your needs.

The first step is to consider your needs. This important step if often overlooked in the excitement of entering a bazaar and being confronted with a spectrum of colors and designs. So start with the basic question of why you need a new Kindle cover. Think about when, where and how you are likely to use, and not use, your new Kindle. Here are some questions that you should be pondering:

1. Do you find it easy hold your Kindle bare or would you like more handling options?

If you prefer holding your Kindle base, then you could consider a  Kindle case specifically dimensioned to hold your Kindle snuggly. The Kindle could then be readily removed for reading or reinserted for maximum all around protection.

If on the other hand you find it difficult or too restrictive to hold the Kindle bare, then you should consider a book style Kindle cover that allows the Kindle to be held in variety of way – in one hand as a folded back paper back, or in two hands. Some book style Kindle covers allow your hand to be inserted into the inner cover pocket to allow single hand holding of the Kindle with less strain. Other Kindle covers allow the Kindle to be self standing on a desktop for example.

If you would prefer the option of both bare Kindle handling and Kindle cover assisted handling, the you could consider a new Kindle cover with a quick release attachment mechanism. That would rule out the Amazon covers which all employ hinges that require careful manipulation. However, there are many other Kindle cover manufactures that offer attractive Kindle covers using some combination of quick release straps, elasticated bands, and bungees.

2. Do you read in a darkened room or only in a well lit room?

The basic Kindle is well suited for reading in a well lit room or even in bright sunlight. However, in a darkened environment, for example in a bedroom with low lighting or in a car when dark, reading the Kindle could be more tricky. You will find that whereas a dim reading light that is adequate for reading a printed book in a darkened environment the same light is not as effective for reading the Kindle. The reason for this is the narrower illumination and reading angle of the e-ink display used by the Kindle. This means that position and orientation of the Kindle, light source and the reader have to be just right. This restriction causes inconvenience as a typical reader has to adjust their position periodically for improved circulation. Having to set up the illumination and reading angles for each position interrupts the reading experience. In a well lit room it is much easier to find acceptable illumination and reading angle.

The solution is to attach a reading light to the Kindle. Typically this is done by attaching a light to the Kindle cover. A range of attachment mechanisms are available including pull out reading lights integrated into Kindle covers, clip on reading lights which are attached to a stiffened area on the back of the Kindle cover; snake reading lights that slip into a long inside pocket along the spin of the Kindle cover.

In summary, if you plan to read the Kindle with the help of a reading light it is important to consider the attachment of the reading light to the Kindle cover and to choose your new Kindle cover accordingly.

3. Do you reading at home, when travelling, or when away from home?

The answer to this question will help you to determine the best balance between handling convenience and protection for your new Kindle – do you value the handling convenience of a book style Kindle cover or do you value a high level of protection afforded by full enclosure Kindle case. Furthermore, if you frequently use the Kindle while away from home, you will probably want a larger Kindle case with sufficient storage space for the charging cable, reading light and other related items that you would normally need, so that you can quickly grab the Kindle case without having to gather all the items individually.

If you use your Kindle everywhere: at home, on the move and while away, then you may want to consider a new Kindle cover case with a zipper so that the Kindle is protected in a full enclosure, but when unzipped the Kindle cover case can be held like a book in one or two hands. This option will be somewhat heavier and more bulky than a standard Kindle cover with open sides.

Another option is to get Kindle cover and a Kindle case. This offers the best of both worlds. When you want handling convenience, you can remove the lightweight Kindle cover with the mounted Kindle from the Kindle case. When you want high protection, you can place the Kindle cover back inside the Kindle case.

3. Special considerations

Finally there is a host of personal preferences that will affect your choice of your new Kindle cover. You probably know already your preference but being clear on these preferences will help you in choosing the best Kindle cover:

  • Leather or “Veg”.
  • Synthetic or Natural material.
  • Discreet low-profile or attention grabbing.

Let me know if you have any comment or suggestion that can help to find the best new Kindle cover.

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