May 242011

The distinctive feature about this JAVOedge Kindle cover is that the “holster” frame provides all round protection to the Kindle. Although, this provided a higher level of protection than a typical Kindle cover that has no side protection, this is not as protective as a full enclosure because small objects can still slide in between the front cover and holster, into the fragile screen and keyboard area. Therefore some care should be taken when stowing the Kindle in a larger bag.

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Closed View

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Specification

Here is the manufacturers specification for the JAVOedge MiMo Book Case:

  • Book-style jacket with magnetic closure in the upper left hand corner of the cover offers hassle-free access.
  • Matching color soft interior lining to prevent scratches.
  • Holster frame cradles the Kindle providing sturdy all around protection.
  • Ports, buttons and speakers are not blocked by the holster frame.
  • Interior pockets for a pen, business card, and a flap for small papers.
  • Synthetic Leather.

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Open View

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Review of Users’ Reviews

The most common compliments received for this case are:

  • Totally satisfied with the case (100% or respondents).
  • Provides the Kindle with good protection (100%).
  • Pleasantly surprised by the attractiveness of the color (100%).
  • Impressed with the ease of opening and closing the case (100%).
  • Liked the high quality and workmanship (100%).

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Open View Zoomed

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Reviewbites

Here are the highlights from user reviews:

  • Pleasantly surprised by the attractiveness of the color.
  • Provides Kindle with good protection.
  • Beautifully well made.
  • I love the magnetic closure.
  • Gorgeous dark shade of teal.
  • Folding the cover back makes holding the Kindle a lot easier.
  • Prettier than the Amazon book-style covers.
  • Looks absolutely stunning with the white Kindle 3.
  • not showing any wear despite being stashed in tote bags, messy purses, backpacks.
  • fun color.
  • The magnets are pleasantly strong.
  • high quality well constructed
  • wonderful case for the Kindle 3
  • made out of quality material
  • the teal color is very pretty

JAVOedge MiMo Book Case Rear View

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