May 262011

So you’re looking for a Kindle waterproof or splash-proof cover? Something to protect your Kindle from water, sand and sun-screen when you’re on the beech, or beside the pool, or on a yacht, or in your Jacuzzi? Less exotically and perhaps more commonly you want to use your Kindle in the Kitchen to cook up recipe from a Kindle book and want to protect your Kindle from oil splashes and messy hands.

In situation such as these where your Kindle may be exposed to liquids, or small particles such as sand, it is wise to cover up you Kindle. There are now number of manufacturers of Kindle waterproof covers. There are basically two types of Kindle waterproof cover available:

  • Kindle waterproof covers that are flexible.
  • Kindle waterproof covers that are rigid.

The prices range extends from about $20 for flexible Kindle waterproof covers up to about $70 for rigid Kindle waterproof covers. Below we take a closer looks at these types of Kindle waterproof cover.

Flexible Kindle Waterproof Cover

The first question often asked is how do these flexible Kindle waterproof covers differ from a zip-up freezer bag. Both allow operation of the buttons through the cover, both covers are airtight, and both covers provide a waterproof protective barrier. We approached some manufacturers of flexible Kindle waterproof covers, and after cutting through the marketing spin here are their best shots to spend upwards of $20 on what some may say resembles a freezer bag:

  • Perfectly dimension flexible Kindle waterproof covers that fit your Kindle 3 like a glove. This makes the insertion and removal of the Kindle ereader much easier.
  • The flexible Kindle waterproof covers are made using UV-stabilized material won’t be broken down or discolored by sunlight. Therefore long service life can be expected.

Rigid Kindle Waterproof Covers

Although rigid Kindle waterproof covers are more expensive than flexible Kindle waterproof covers, they are more difficult to emulate using household objects! They provide the same waterproof advantage as flexible Kindle waterproof covers, but additionally offer:

  • Rigid Kindle waterproof covers absorb knocks and drops.
  • Rigid Kindle waterproof covers have greater waterproofing capability.

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