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Let’s begin by listing the accolades:

So you have read the manufacturer’s description of the Kindle Lighted Cover, and it looks good. But what about those inevitable drawbacks that are not dwelled upon in the manufacturer’s description. Normally you only learn about those drawback and whether they matter after purchasing the item and living with it for a period of time. Alternatively you could read through the 7000 plus user reviews and learn from other users’ experiences. And yet another option is to read eBook Reader Guide’s analysis of the 7000 plus user review comments and make a well informed decision.

Most Favored Features Of The Kindle Lighted Cover

Here are the most highly favored features of the Kindle Lighted Cover:

  • Usefulness of the light – 97% of users commented positively about the usefulness of the light. Here is what some users had to say:

the Kindle lighted cover is perfect for reading at night. It doesn’t bother my husband at all.

the Kindle lighted cover makes the Kindle even more useful.

The Kindle lighted cover solves the problem of reading at night or on a train or plane.

You always think you won’t need this, but in reality the Kindle lighted cover is worth it.

I’m so glad I didn’t go for a detachable light that might move around, or have to be carried and stored separately. I’ve read three whole books on only one charge, with the light on for about a third of each.

No more hassle with weak batteries, clips, etc. The entire page is very well lit.

Usefulness of Kindle Lighted Cover

  • Effectiveness of the Light – 90% of users commented positively about the effectiveness of the light. Here is what some users had to say:

I don’t think there’s a way to get a photograph to capture how amazing it is.

the light works wonderfully the light hits the reading area perfectly.

The angle and range of the light is just perfect, you definitely get all the coverage you need with no glare.

If you added an another inch to the light so that the entire page would be illuminated it would be much better than it is now.

light works perfectly and you can definitely see the whole screen in the pitch black no problems.

The use of the light does not appreciably lessen the battery charge life.

the light does not come on until the Kindle is woken up, so you can’t accidentally drain your battery.

the light covers the page so much better than her clip-on lights did.

The bottom of the page doesn’t receive as much light as the rest of the page, making it harder to see.

  • Protection provided by the cover – 97% of users commented positively about the protective qualities of the Kindle lighted cover. Here is what some users had to say:

the Kindle lighted cover ensures you can carry your Kindle around or put it in a bag, without worrying about it getting scratched or damaged.

the Kindle lighted cover gives overall protection to the device.

Protection Provided By Kindle Lighted Cover

  • Handling convenience – 90% of users commented positively about the improvement in handling of their Kindle when in the Kindle lighted cover.

gives one the feeling that you are holding a book which some users may find more comfortable. It will lay flat on a table and fits nicely into your lap for easy reading.

makes the kindle much easier to hold while reading.

seems very heavy & bulky now with this cover on.

I like that you can fold the front all the way to the back and secure it with the elastic closure so it can be held with one hand if need be.

Effectiveness of Kindle Lighted Cover

  • Build Quality – 90% of users commented positively about the build quality. Here is what some users had to say:

well made,sturdy construction.

The case is good leather and very substantial.

connectors are somewhat flimsy.

this is a great quality product.

Connectors of Kindle Lighted Cover

  • Design Quality – 88% of users commented positively about the quality of design. Here is what some users had to say:

The elastic cord is an excellent idea to keep the cover closed when I carry it in my back pack.

I hit the switch before opening the case and the strap is right in the way of the switch.

Most Favored Features Of The Kindle Lighted Cover

Once you have decided that the Kindle Lighted Cover is right for you, the next fun challenge is to choose the color. The Kindle Lighted Cover is available in a choice of 7 colors.

  1. Black
  2. Burgundy Red
  3. Apple Green
  4. Steel Blue
  5. Hot Pink
  6. Chocolate Brown
  7. Burnt Orange

Color range of Amazon Kindle Lighted Cover

Provided you choose the color carefully, you will not be disappointed with the look and feel of the cover when it arrives. Here is what some users had to say about the color of their Kindle Lighted Cover:

  • Black Kindle Lighted Cover

Looks stylish and great.

  • Burgundy Red Kindle Lighted Cover.

gorgeous color and I absolutely love the light.

Love the cover.

  • Apple Green Kindle Lighted Cover

I love my apple green book cover!

  • Steel Blue Kindle Lighted Cover


  • Hot Pink Kindle Lighted Cover

looks very, very classy.

I picked the hot pink so that I would not leave my Kindle anywhere by mistake – it certainly stands out from its surroundings.

  • Chocolate Brown Kindle Lighted Cover.

Very nice.

  • Burnt Orange Kindle Lighted Cover

I love the color and texture of the leather

I only expected the color to be a little more ‘natural’ looking.

Need more information about the Kindle Lighted Cover?

Phew! That was a quick summary of the over 7000 user reviews of the Kindle Lighted Cover. If you have more questions check out Top 10 Kindle Covers where you will find the Kindle Lighted Cover in #1 position.

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