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The basic reason why your iPad 2 needs a leather cover is obviously, for protection. The basic iPad cover protects the screen from scratches and hence protects the clarity of the screen. Several leather iPad covers come with shock absorbing padding in order to provide enhanced protection against impacts. Further, since the iPad 2 comes with a durable and firm aluminum back, the leather cover only protects the screen and hence, maintains the natural image of the gadget as well. An iPad 2 with a cover continues to look like an iPad, but with enhanced protection. If you require extra protection, you can choose a slide in iPad cover case.

You can use the cover as a keyboard stand

The best feature about a leather cover or case for iPad is that it provides an elevation at one end so that it acts like a keypad stand. When compared to the discomfort of typing on flat iPad, typing on a propped up iPad is a lot more comfortable. Certain models of leather cases come with magnetic hinges, which hold the iPad in place and prevent it from slipping off. You can save a lot of time while typing by using the foldable model with magnetic hinges. Some iPad covers and cases come with an extra in built stand.

You can set the iPad up and enjoy videos hand-free

Just as an iPad can be propped up for typing, you can also set it to enjoy hands free videos using leather cases. Whether it is watching movies or video chat, you can use the hands-free experience to enjoy chatting in a more natural manner. Further, since you do not have to hold he gadget in your hands, you can continue with your chores while watching videos or chatting. You can accomplish a lot more this way and save time. However, while choosing a leather case for your iPad, make sure that it is sturdy and gives a strong support so that the case does not collapse.

Enhance the look of your iPad

The one reason that will tempt many people to buy a leather iPad cover or case is that it enhances the look of the iPad. Leather iPad covers and cases are available in a multitude of colors and you can have your pick. The iPad, which is already sleek and attractive get a huge boost in its appearance when it is attached with a colorful leather case. In short, a leather case is a multipurpose accessory for your iPhone, which makes it look better, makes your work more comfortable and gives the screen the desired protection. Rather than making the iPad look dowdy, a leather case makes it look more attractive.

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