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As a new Kindle owner you will certainly appreciate the greater convenience and built-in reading tools, but you will also realize that having a Kindle is not as carefree as having a paper back or hard cover book. In fact, the Kindle is perhaps the most vulnerable of all portable electronic gadgets due to its large screen and slightly awkward handling when not in use. A protective Kindle cover or case helps to reduce the risk of damage but the added weight is not welcome by all users and of course does not provide a total guarantee.

The standard Kindle manufacturer’s warranty only provides protection for 1 year against Kindle malfunctions due to workmanship. No cover is provided for accidental damage or for Kindle faults occurring after the first year or ownership. To address these concerns companies, such as, Service Net and SquareTrade have developed Kindle extended warranty, which add up to two extra years onto Amazon’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition there are free Kindle extended warranties available on certain credit card purchases.

All of these warranties provide “peace of mind”  to differing extent but whether they are good value for you depends upon how and how much you use your Kindle. Our Top Kindle Extended Warranties guides you to the most suitable extended warranty depending upon how you use the Kindle. If on the other hand you are still unsure about whether buying an Kindle extended warranty, watch out for our analysis of user reviews, both positive and negative (tell us about your own experience via the comment form below).

Top Kindle Extended Warranties

#1 Best Kindle Extended Warranty for a High Risk Kindle

“High-risk Kindles” are Kindles that are exposed to dangerous conditions, for example by a Kindle owner who travels a lot, or has a carefree lifestyle, or has children or grandchildren, or living in a home with hard surface flooring, or frequently read by a swimming pool, etc. In contrast, a low-risk Kindle would for example remain in a dedicated reading room and be exposed to very few hazards.

The best Kindle Extended Warranty for high risk Kindles is by SquareTrade.

With SquareTrade the accident protection cover runs for 3 years and works out cheaper than with Service Net. It is the best choice If you can bear to be without your Kindle for week. The reason for this is that SquareTrade operate an advanced exchange warranty, whereby the faulty Kindle must be mailed to SquareTrade who will verify the fault and if necessary attempt a repair. This can take a week or more and during this time you will be without your Kindle. This is no problem for Kindle owners who are happy to use Kindle apps (with some limitations on functionality) on a PC, Mac, or smartphone for a few days.

#2 Best Kindle Extended Warranty for a Mission Critical Kindle

A “critical Kindle” is one that would cause great inconvenience or financial loss if it is not available. Such owners would probably consider ordering a new Kindle immediately just to minimize the down-time. They may even consider keeping a spare Kindle just in case their main Kindle stopped working. If this describes your profile then you could also consider an extended warranty provided that delivers a replacement Kindle to you immediately and before you have even sent them your faulty Kindle.

The best Kindle Extended Warranty for mission critical Kindles is by Service Net.

Service Net will mail a replacement Kindle to you as soon as you call them to make a claim under the warranty. if you read your Kindle daily and would badly miss your Kindle even for one day, then having an the Kindle extended warranty from Service Net would minimize that discomfort to just 1 day. Service Net is actually the Amazon recommended Kindle extended warranty provider. There is certainly a close relationship between the two companies with replacement Kindles being reassuringly shipped directly from Amazon.

#3 Best Kindle Extended Warranty for Heavily Used Kindles

A “heavily used kindle” is one where one or more components are exercised more than would appear normal and to such an extent that the break down of that component could occur in the first three years of ownership.

The best Kindle Extended Warranty for high risk Kindles is by SquareTrade.

Note that wear and tear is not normally covered under extended warranties. But heavy use can reveal subtle shortcoming in the workmanship or components, which would then be covered. For example:

  • Kindle battery. if the Kindle is charged every week or so, the battery may need replacing within 3 years. Given that maximum battery lifetime is 100 to 200 cycles on average, this could be a realistic possibility for Kindle users who make a lot of use of the Kindle’s wireless function or who travel a lot and charge up their Kindle before each trip. The value of a replacement battery alone in this 3 year Kindle warranty could almost cover the cost of the warranty.
  • Kindle keyboard. If the Kindle keypad is heavily used, this can result in the lettering disappearing or the keys malfunctioning.
#4 Best Kindle Extended Warranty for Bargain Hunters

AMEX cards come with a warranty extension to 2 years at no additional cost, when you buy with your AMEX cards Some Visa and MasterCard cards also have same same benefit. As these are free, they clearly come top on the value-for-money tables, at least in the short-term. But be warned, this could be a case of false economy. As may be expected from a free product, the extended warranty is a cut down version. For example, accidental damage is only covered for the first 90 days on the AMEX.A free Kindle extended warranty is certainly better than the basic Kindle warranty, but depending upon how and how much you use your Kindle, it may not be good enough. Due to their extremely limited cover are only really suitable if you are a “low risk” users who does not rely of daily access to their Kindle. And of course if you have already bought your Kindle this free extended warranty option may not be available to you.

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