Jun 162011

Amazon Kindle Color DX and Amazon Kindle Color 3G

Some more details of the long awaited Amazon Kindle color readers are emerging. In fact there are two Amazon Color tablets being prepared for release towards the end of 2011, according to a brief statement by stock analyst Detwiler Fenton & Co:

  • Amazon Kindle Color DX-sized tablet with 10” color screen.
  • Amazon Kindle Color 3G-sized tablet with 6“ color screen.

Both Amazon Kindle color DX and Kindle color 3G tablets are designed to integrate seamlessly with Amazons Movie store,

As well as the larger display area, the Amazon Kindle Color DX tablet will have a more powerful processor than the Amazon Kindle Color 3G tablet, enabling the larger device to be better suited for watching movies with high quality sound and picture.

The smaller Amazon Color Kindle 3G tablet will be much lighter than the Amazon Kindle Color DX tablet, and therefore much easier to hold like a paper back. This smaller format will still be capable of displaying movies well.

Amazon Special Offers in Color

Amazon will need to undercut the market leading tablet, iPad, and is expected the price of the Amazon Kindle Color DX tablet will be no more than $400. For the smaller Amazon Color Kindle 3G (6 inch) tablet, the nearest competitor will be the NookColor. Undercutting the NookColor by 10% results in an expected price of the Amazon Kindle priced at $249. Both devices are expected to be sold with special promotional video offers including a free movie service for a period of time. Free movies are already provided to Amazon Prime customers.

Future of Kindle E-Ink Readers – Will a Kindle 4 reader be released?

The multifunctional capabilities of the Amazon Kindle color DX and Kindle color 3G tablets will no doubt appeal to may ebook reader fans, and therefore cannibalize sales from the current Amazon E Ink readers to some extent. However, eBook Reader Guide expects that both of these E Ink devices have advantages over multifunctional Kindle color tablets, including:

  • Ultimate low weight particularly for the Kindle E Ink 3G reader.
  • Ability to read when outdoors.
  • Battery life measured in days rather than hours.

There advantages will continue to attract frequent ebook readers to the current Kindle E Ink readers. However, that does not mean the Amazon does not need to continue to improve these devices, for example with touch screen or color E Ink technology. It will be fascinating to see the Kindle 4 sepecifications once the Kindle 4 release date is announced.

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