Sep 092011

Have you ever gazed admiringly at your Kindle or Nook and wondered just how on earth the Pearl E Ink display technology works on your ebook reader? Me too. Well here is a hands-on video guide from the Chief Marketing Officer of E Ink Holdings himself, Sriram Peruvemba, filmed courtesy of by Charbax.

Some of the key items mentioned in the video are as follows:

1. The current ebook reader monochrome displays use 167 dots per inch, and E Ink are in the process of improving the resolution to 300 dots per inch.

2. In an attempt to improve the durability E Ink are investigating laminating the E Ink panel on to plastic instead of glass.

3. Advances in color E Ink reader displays, named Triton, which are already shipping in mass production eg. Hanvon ebook readers in China.

4. Shipping of E Ink reader displays have been tripling year on year with around 25-30 million expected to sell this year.



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