Sep 222011

Amazon and OverDrive…..a marriage made in heaven! Kindle library lending, which was until 21 September 2001 a long shot, finally became a reality. The maneuver has been much anticipated for Amazon, as the Kindle does not support the open ePub format, something that has made it difficult for libraries to take advantage of the device. But by teaming up with OverDrive, a leading distributor of ebooks and other digital content and tapping into their extensive network of school and public libraries, the Amazon Kindle and Kindle apps (on PC and mobile devices) will help to improve the accessibility of literature in the transforming digital age of our treasured libraries.

While Barnes and Noble’s Nook/NookColor and the Sony Readers allowed consumers to borrow ADOBE ebooks from public libraries after installation of ADOBE Digital Editions software and then manual transfer of the selected ebook via a USB, has made its Kindle library lending feature relatively easier to use than its competitors at over 11, 000 public libraries in the US. A computer is required to access the library web page, from where a Kindle book can selected and a loan requested. A WiFi or USB connection is required to download the book to the Kindle (or free Kindle app). Delivery via 3G is not permitted.

Your Notes and Highlights Are Permanent

Kindle compatibility with library ebooks also takes full advantage of Amazon’s Whispersync technology.  If you delve into the ebook again at a later date or decide to purchase the ebook from the Amazon Kindle Store, all of your notes, bookmarks and highlights will be safeguarded.  The last page read will also be synchronized between your Kindle and Kindle reading apps.

No More Overdue Fees

If the Kindle book has not already been returned, three days before the loan expires, a reminder is emailed. Then on the return date, the book is automatically removed from the Kindle.

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