Sep 282011

Today, 28th September 2011, I eagerly followed the news feeds about the much anticipated and wildly rumored announcement from about the unveiling of a new tablet with a 7″ display  that would run on Android.

During the course of events I was surprised to learn that CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a whole army of Kindle devices that have set the stage to battle against the tyrannical reign of the Apple iPad/Barnes & Noble NOOKColor in the tablet market and other ebook reader competitors.

The most senior trooper is the Kindle DX (great for viewing textual and graphic PDF documents).

Next in the line-up is the Kindle 3 that we bought since August 2011; which Amazon have re-named Kindle Keyboard, available with WiFi +/- free 3G and with or without special offer display. The cheapest model being priced at $99. Gasp!

A couple of new contenders are the smaller, more tactile devices aptly named Kindle Touch models with WiFi +/- free 3G and with or without speciall offers; sporting a 6″ touchscreen, audio capabilities and a sleek silver bezel; web browsing and annotation should be a breeze. The cheapest variant of Kindle Touch is priced at…….wait for it, $99. Even louder gasp! Note, that the Barnes and Noble NOOK is currently priced at $139. These particular models are well suited to those want to upgrade from the Kindle Keyboard reading experience.

The runt of the Kindle army is all-new lighter 6oz Kindle WiFi priced at an incredible $79. This is Amazon’s most basic ebook reader as it lacks a keyboard/touchscreen,  audio capabilities and makes annotation and web browsing a little more time consuming; nonetheless, it’s the Kindle wild card that will shake up the playing field. This type of ebook reader is well suited to the minimalist ebook worm and it should make a good stocking filler this Christmas.

And finally, the Kindle Fire WiFi only tablet, with TechCrunch’s spot on technical specifications. But priced remarkably lower than predicted. Kindle Fire, priced at $199 has no cameras or microphones, but it is supported by flash and a cloud accelerated web browser; a feature that is lacking in the heavier and more extortionately priced Apple iPad. Kindle Fire also significantly undercuts the Barnes & Noble NOOKColor $250 price point.

If content is King, then Amazon is sure to reign with it’s well stocked digital content store and Kindle army.

So just to re-cap, we have the Kindle, 4 Kindle Touch models, 4 Kindle Keyboard variants, Kindle DX and Kindle Fire…….kind of Kindle confused?

Fear not, just check out the eReader comparison.


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