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If you have just bought the all new Kindle Touch, you’ll need to think about protecting your precious touchscreen device from bumps and drops. will unveil the Top 10 best Kindle Touch covers and cases in the forthcoming weeks as many 3rd party manufacturers assess the dimensions of the new device. We’ll review some of the best protective, durable, affordable and comfortable Kindle Touch covers and cases. So please stay tuned for my line-up of some of the best Kindle Touch covers from the plethora on the market. I would appreciate any comments on my post so that I can help provide useful information in the future. P.S. Don’t forget to tell your friends. Cheers!

(If you looking for a great Kindle covers to go with a basic Kindle without the touch screen check out this list of the best Kindle covers for the Kindle 4.)

Best Leather Lighted Kindle Touch Cover
Amazon Lighted Kindle Touch Covers for Kindle Touch

After having researched on I am very excited about their own brand of book-style leather covers, which are available in 4 colors namely black, brown, green and purple which can now be ordered priced at $39.99. The weight of these covers is 4.3 oz.

I ordered the innovative Kindle lighted cover in black for my Kindle Touch. Amazon have worked quite diligently on the lighted covers for the all new Kindle Touch as the device simply slots into a form-fitted enclosure on the back panel of the cover and draws power form the Kindle Touch; there is no fiddling around required with any hinges unlike the lighted covers for Kindle 3 (keyboard). In addition Amazon have made important modifications to the integrated LED light itself. In the Kindle 3 lighted cover a retractable built-in light provided illumination on mainly the top right-hand corner of the Kindle screen. However, in the latest Kindle Touch lighted covers, the light is centrally positioned at the top of the back panel of the cover, and swings out on a pivot thus providing optimal distribution of light on the Kindle Touch screen. Moreover, the weight of the Kindle Touch covers with the light is described as 4.5oz and I would have expected this optional extra to add about 1.0 oz to the weight of the non-lighted cover. The other feature is that the front panel of this cover folds back flat to allow reading with one hand; what’s missing though is some form of closure tab or elasti strap to hold both panels shut when the device is not in use. Now the deciding factor for me is the price which is set at $59.99. It may be regarded as too pricey for some but I was quite happy to pay the $20 extra for the convenience of not changing/charging up batteries, reading in places where there is little ambient light eg. planes, trains and camping tents. For a comfortable reading experience I would strongly recommend that you read on your Kindle Touch with this cool accessory.

Best Synthetic Leather Kindle Touch Covers
Tuff-Luv Embrace Cover for Kindle Touch

I selected this range of synthetic leather Tuff-Luv covers because they come with a lifetime guarantee against workmanship, and for the same price as the non-lighted Amazon Kindle Touch covers, these Tuff-Luv Embrace covers offer a little extra functionality. There is a recessed hand-strap on the inside of the front panel to facilitate comfortable reading with one hand when the cover is folded back. Plus, a thick elasticated strap holds both panels together when the device is not being used. They are available in gorgeous colors: electric blue, autumn brown, purple, black and white.

Best Integrated Stand Kindle Touch Covers
Tuff-Luv Book-Stand Kindle Touch Covers

Tuff-Luv is one of my favorite 3rd party accessory manufacturers for ereaders. Here’s a gem of a range that you can be sure will provide an enjoyable and convenient hands-free reading experience. These synthetic leather kindle touch covers incorporate a pull-out stand on the interior of the front panel to act as a stand for the Kindle Touch in the portrait position. Unlike the Tuff-Luv Embrace covers, these Tuff-Luv Book-Stand covers are only available in black, white and pink.

Best Leather Multi-Position Stand Kindle Touch Covers
i-BLASON Leather Kindle Touch Covers

These genuine leather Kindle Touch Covers are available in 5 colors:black, brown, red, green and pink. I was pleased to see that this brand manufactures covers that allow the Kindle Touch to be positioned at 3 viewing angles in the portrait orientation. This is achieved by a series of ‘bumpers’ on the cover flap; pretty smart design. The panels of these covers are held together by a concealed magnetic closure.

Best Designer Non-Leather Kindle Touch Covers
Kate Spade New York Kindle Touch Covers

If you really want to splash out and adorn your Kindle Touch with a designer label cover, then Kate Spade NY have an eye-catching line-up for all the ladies. These attractive Kindle Touch Covers allow the device to be secured to the rear panel using 4 elasticated corner straps. Coated canvas or poplin provide a smooth external surface for comfortable reading experience.

Best Book Style Zip-Up Kindle Touch Case
Marware Jurni Kindle Touch Covers for Kindle Touch

Marware have designed a fresh new line up of Kindle Touch covers that have a nylon and fabric exterior with a small yet very stylish external zip-up pocket (useful for bank cards). The Kindle Touch can be accessed by opening the double zipper. The soft microfiber interior protects the device, and 4 elasticated corner straps secure the Kindle Touch on to the back panel of this casual, smart book-style cover. They are available in 5 colors, beige, black, blue, pink and red. The advantage of these covers is that the Kindle Touch is completely receiving all-round protection when it is not in use.

Best Stand with Convertible Hand-Strap Kindle Touch Covers
Timbuk2 DINNER JACKET for Kindle Touch


Timbuk2 have been associated with funky Kindle sleeve cases for a while; but their latest offering, the DINNER JACKET, proves that the brand have applied alot of time into designing quite a sensible flip-style cover that includes a dual functioning hand-strap for an improved reading experience. Not only does the hand-strap allow you to read with one hand, when the front panel of the cover is folded over. But, the hand-strap provides support when the cover is opened up in an easel position for hands-free reading. These KIndle Touch covers are available in 4 colors: Black, mahogany brown, grey and red.

Best Antiquated Book Style Kindle Touch Cover
LightWedge Kindle Touch Covers for Kindle Touch

The LightWedge Verso Prologue Antique range of book-style Kindle Touch covers are available in 3 attractive colors, namely tan, green and red. Now here is a family of Kindle Touch covers that have really caught my eye because the sight of them reminded me of my visit to the British Library in London where there were row upon row of antiquated books, preserved with such care. Verso have designed these Kindle Touch covers with that same look in mind to house the technologically advanced Kindle Touch so that when you tap into the wealth of knowledge stored on this device you get the feeling that you are reading from a truly valuable classic work of literature. The device is secured into the back panel of the cover by 4 elasticated straps. In addition there is a large micro-fibre pocket available for the storage of papers on the front panel of the cover.

If you want to adorn your Kindle Touch with the striking images of American patriotism, originally published on the covers of New York Times magazine, then look no further than the New York Times Photo Archive collection by LightWedge. Comprising of 3 types, River House, Beam Workers and City Lights, these durable wipe-clean laminated Kindle Touch covers are bound to arouse interest. There are 4 elasticated corner straps to secure the Kindle Touch and an internal pocket to hold documents.

If you prefer a regal French look on printed canvas with the additional security of an elasticated strap to hold the Kindle Touch cover panels together, then the Versailles Damask Kindle Touch cover in black/white, aptly named after the Chateau de Versailles is the one for you.
We hope you have enjoyed our list of top Kindle Touch covers and cases. Stay tuned for a further update shortly.

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