Oct 042011

If you have become comfortable with your Kindle WiFi + 3G,  (now re-named Kindle Keyboard 3G) and wish to trade it in for the sleeker Kindle Touch 3G, think again.

Whilst on my travels, the free wireless 3G connectivity that I have become accustomed to using on my Kindle Keyboard for the experimental browser is something that I have really found quite useful for surfing the internet, even if it has been a little time consuming and dull looking on the E-ink screen. I have been tempted to invest in the Kindle Touch 3G for that particular reason as I figured the touchscreen would help speed up the accessibility to information.

But alas, I have been so disappointed to learn that 3G web browsing on the Kindle Touch will be limited to the Kindle Store (for purchasing and downloading ebooks) and Wikipedia. In response to a number of customer queries on the Kindle Forum, the Amazon Kindle Team have responded by stating:

We apologize for the confusion. Our new Kindle Touch 3G enables you to connect to the Kindle Store, download books and periodicals, and access Wikipedia–all over 3G or Wi-Fi. Experimental Web browsing (outside of Wikipedia) on Kindle Touch 3G is only available over Wi-Fi.

So there you have it Kindle Touch 3G only allows you to browse the internet in a WiFi hotspot.

Well paying $50 extra for 3G on the Kindle Touch just does not appear to be a viable option anymore, especially if you are on the road and want to combine reading with checking your emails. I definitely going to invest in Kindle Touch with just WiFi. Hmmm..next choice with or without special offers? Hmm..Kindle Touch WiFi with special offers for $99. Kerching.
Starbucks……go forth and multiply!
The Kindle Keyboard may be larger and clunkier to operate than the new Kindle Touch, but I think that it is worthwhile keeping hold of it, if only for the web browsing via 3G connectivity.

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