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Welcome to eBook Reader Guide‘s UK Top 10 Kindle covers and cases list where we reveal the best Kindle covers and Kindle cases available today in the United Kingdom. As the Kindle was only recently released on 28 September 2011, the range of Kindle covers available in the UK is still growing. We will keep the list up to date as new covers and cases are released.

For a sneak preview of the colours and styles of Kindle covers that may come to the UK soon, check out this list of stylish Kindle covers.

Best Leather Lighted Kindle Cover
Amazon Leather Lighted Kindle CoversAmazon-Kindle-Lighted-Cover-Red

Amazon have listened to the feedback received from the previous generation kindle cover and improved the position of the reading and done away with the thin hinge attachment mechanism. The new integrated LED reading light provides even lighting across Kindle’s entire screen. Previously the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover for Kindle 3 featured a pull-out light in the top right corner of the cover. In promotional photos the light appeared uneven but not in actual use. With the improved position of the reading light, there should be no concerns about unevenness of lighting.

As with previous Amazon Kindle lighted covers, the reading light draws power from Kindle device, and so requires no batteries. As well as allowing reading in the dark, this Kindle Lighted Cover provides convenience of just grabbing a single item and going. There is hunting for separate accessories, chargers, and managing batteries – everything is built into a single convenient package with a premium leather exterior that looks and feels great.

The clever design protects Kindle without requiring the bulk of additional batteries. Weighing 136g compared with 109g, the light function adds a mere 27g or about three one-pound coins. As with the the standard Kindle cover the lighted Kindle cover can be folded back for easy one-handed reading.

Best Leather Kindle Cover
Amazon Kindle Leather Covers

The Amazon Kindle Leather protects the Kindle without adding significant bulk: 279g compared with the bare Kindle weight of 170g. With the added benefit of premium leather exterior look and feel, and handling convenience, as the cover can be folded back for one-handed reading, the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover is highly recommended.

Best Antiquated Book Style Kindle Cover
Verso Prologue Antique Kindle Covers

If you think that you would miss the touch and feel of holding an old book, then an Verso Prologue Antique Kindle cover may be of interest to you. The exterior of this sturdy cover protects your Kindle from damage while the soft, microfiber interior protects the screen, Inside there is a with full pocket for holding receipts or travel documents. The Kindle is held in place snugly by corner elastics without impairing functionality. Although designed specifically for the Kindle, it can also be used with any e-Reader and multi-media tablet measuring 4″ – 5″ wide and 5.5″ – 6.75″ high.

Best Ecological Leather Kindle Cover
Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Cover

The Marware Eco-Vue Kindle cover has a tough leather exterior with a microsuede interior. Specifically designed for the Kindle, the cover has a built-in interior hand strap assists one-handed usage and a convenient elastic strap to securely hold the lid open or closed. A pocket can be used to store money and cards. Being RoHS compliant the Marware Eco-Vue Kindle cover is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Best Designer Canvas Kindle Cover
Verso Kindle Cover, Versailles Damask

This designer Kindle cover displays a classic Damask pattern printed on a sturdy canvas cover and an elastic tab closure. Inside is a soft, suede-like interior with a full pocket for holding receipts or travel documents. Your Kindle will be securely fastened to the cover using four corner straps..Designed for Kindle, but also suitable for eReaders multi-media tablets measuring 4″ – 5″ wide and 5.5″ – 6.75″ high.

Best Kindle Stand Case
Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Cover, Black

Specifically designed for Kindle, the Marware Eco-Flip Kindle leather cover not only protects your new Kindle reader against scratches and knocks, but  with a flip of the protective lid, it becomes a stand your new Kindle. The vertical position provides hands-free viewing. This Kindle cover also has a built-in hand strap providing a comfortable grip. An elastic strap to securely open or close the Eco-Flip’s lid. A small pocket conveniently stores small items such as receipts, cash, and cards. Made of eco-friendly leather (RoHS compliant) that minimizes toxic waste and runoff used in standard production process, the Eco-Flip cover for your new Kindle helps preserve your investment and the environment.

Best Lightweight Kindle Case
Amazon Kindle Zip Sleeve

The Kindle Zip Sleeve is a simple and stylish, lightweight nylon Kindle case that fully encloses and protects Kindle from scuffs and scratches from objects that could otherwise come near to the Kindle. The sleve weighs 68g or 40% of the Kindle weight. The zipper closure make it quick and easy to securely stow your Kindle in any bag or purse. The sleeve is available in 5 colours: Graphite, Charcoal, Lime Coral and Blue.

Best Envelope Style Kindle Case
BUILT Kindle Neoprene Envelope Case
BUILT Kindle Neoprene Envelope Case Scatter DotBUILT Kindle Neoprene Envelope Case Black Under Flap

The BUILT Neoprene Envelope is designed for both Kindle and Kindle Touch, with an exterior made of machine washable neoprene, and decorated with either colorful dots or plain black. The patented hourglass shape provides extra protection at the corners against drops. Your Kindle can be easily slide in and out of the envelope case and a convenient Velcro closure can be quickly closed or opened. The front envelope flap has a small Velcro closure, under which is a small zippered pocket large enough to stow the Kindle charge. Inside the case, a soft fuzzy lining is lint-free and provides soft protection for the screen. The case lays flat when not in use, and weighs 113g, about two thirds of the Kindle weight.

Best Book Style Kindle Case
Marware jurni Kindle Cover

Specifically designed for the Kindle, this zippered Kindle case has a durable nylon and soft fabric exterior and a microsuede lined interior. Also inside, there is a hand strap for improved grip and hold, allowing the Kindle to be held in one hand. The exterior has a second zipper offering access to a small pocket for added storage. The full enclosure provides a higher level of protection from small objects that could otherwise slip under the a front cover over a Kindle screen.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Kindle covers and cases list.

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