Oct 092011

After Amazon have gone to so much trouble to minimize the weight of the new Kindle reader, it seem counter-intuitive to add it back on with a bulky cover. However, you would be ill-advised to not enclose your Kindle in a protective cover. The Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle is ultra-thin and lightweight weighing just 82g, compared with 170g for the Kindle.

The exterior faux leather surface is textured and fairly stiff. A magnetic tab closure ensures the front cover protect your Kindle screen from scratches, but can get in the way if you like to read with the Kindle cover folded back. The interior is lined with microfiber. An inner pocket lets you securely store notes and receipts. The Kindle is snugly held down with four straps.

Note that these straps are tight and not elasticated, and it would be challenging, to say the least, to insert a light between the Kindle back and back cover.

The stylish faux leather cover is specifically designed for the Kindle. and is available in Black and Purple.

Visitors in or near UK can buy at Amazon.co.uk

Visitors in or near USA and Canada can buy at Amazon.com

Belkin Verve Tab Folio Kindle Cover Black Front
Belkin Verve Tab Folio Kindle Cover Purple Back
Visitors near USA and Canada can buy ay Amazon.com

The Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle did not make our Top list. To see if there are better alternative suited to your needs, check out :

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