Oct 312011

When researching to make a buying decisions on which is the best eReader, you will find that all available eReader options are polarized into two camps:

o Dedicated eReaders with E-Ink (electronic ink) displays such as the Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

o Multifunctional eReaders with backlit LCD (liquid crystal) displays such as the iPad, Nook Color, Amazon Fire and other Android tablets.

The difference in technology and thus performance of these two display options is so immense that it is prudent to take a closer look at the practical implications and relate that to your likely reading behavior.

Here are the top 9 situations in which you would be better off with an E-Ink reader rather than a LCD one.

1. For reducing carbon footprint
2. For reading outdoors
3. For reading for long periods
4. For bedtime reading
5. For travelling light
6. For cost conscious users
7. For a long trip with no recharge facility
8. For reading text only books
9. For fast or skim reading
10. For handling convenience

What do you think ? Which of these reasons are important factors when choosing an E Ink eReader ?

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