Nov 022011

If you have been fortunate enough to get your hands on the hottest portable gadget on the planet, you will definitely need to protect your new investment with an iPad cover or case. Although the iPad looks robust, its outer polished aluminium surface makes the device feel slippery to the touch. Also, the magical glass color touchscreen is quite delicate and susceptible to dust, scratches and fingerprints.

I paid around $39 for the Official Apple iPad case and found that it was very functional in that it enabled me to use the iPad like a book held in my hands, it could be elevated in the landscape orientation for using the touchscreen keyboard and it propped up for viewing movies. However, it did not fully match up to my expectations as the case did not protect the screen well enough from scratches and dust and I doubt if it would survive day-to-day use as the exterior became scuffed and scratched. Also the lift up flap did not hold its position properly when I tried to close the case. So, I was on the look-out for a new and better quality iPad cover or case.

After examining the Apple SmartCovers for iPad 2, I have definitely made up my mind that paying between $39 to $69 for either a polyurethane/leather iPad screen protector alone is way too extortionate. I want to share my iPad experience with others with the knowledge that it has round-the-clock protection at all times, especially when the kids are playing/reading with it. So, folks do not make the costly mistake of making an impulse buy for a SmartCover; you will find that it does not offer protection for the iPad in the real world.

The good news is that there are some fantastic, innovative iPad covers and cases on the market that do an excellent job in protecting not only the screen but also the whole iPad device. You may be feeling lost amongst the plethora of iPad covers and cases currently on the market, but have researched and rated some of the best iPad covers and cases for you in a concise Top 10 list.

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