Dec 092011

The Kindle Fire is one of the most wished for devices being gifted since it’s launch by Hot on the heels of it’s release into the tablet market alot of 3rd party accessory manufacturers have rushed to get some innovative products out before the Christmas gifting season without some careful consideration of the end user experience.

M-Edge have always made it onto the Top 10 lists for their well made and diverse range of Kindle covers in the past. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Kindle Fire, M-Edge have forgotten to note that Amazon’s latest addition to it’s expanding Kindle family is a sound emitting color tablet that allows the user to stream movies etc. M-Edge’s latest Kindle Fire covers, namely the Hampton, Incline, Trip and Latitude, despite having incorporated an excellent multi-viewing angle stand feature, have a major design flaw: one of the dual stereo speakers is completely obstructed.

If I were you, I would be incined to give these covers a miss. For better Kindle Fire covers that include a stand feature and do not block any sound, check out our Top 10 Kindle Fire Covers and Cases. You won’t be disappointed.

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