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Welcome to the Kindle 3 covers and cases review. Here you’ll find 10 of the best functional and stylish book-style and flip-style covers that provide round-the-clock protection for your Kindle 3, and allow accessibility to all ports and buttons. Enjoy!

#1. Amazon Lighted Kindle Covers for Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle Covers - Kindle Keyboard Covers

Click to enlarge Amazon Kindle Lighted Cover image

Well the new graphite models of Kindle Keyboard have received rave reviews since they entered the global market in August 2010. Amazon have done wonders in innovation with the design of the lighted leather Kindle cover. Both types of Kindle 3 Covers (lighted and non-lighted) are available in 7 well chosen colors in genuine pebble-grain leather with a soft grey microsuede interior.

So, what’s the difference between the 2 types of Kindle 3 Covers? You will not find weight information on, so we put these Kindle covers on our scales. The lighted leather Kindle covers weigh 240g (8 1/2 oz), whereas the non-lighted leather Kindle covers weigh 170g (6oz). In terms of price, the lighted leather Kindle 3 covers cost $59.99 whereas the non-lighted leather Kindle 3 covers cost $34.99 . I definitely believe that the additional $20 for in-built illumination is worth it as it will save you carrying any additional lighting accessories.

So does the addition of a light really add value to an otherwise great Amazon Kindle Leather Cover? In a nutshell if you need to read in a poorly lit place whether it’s a plane, train or automobile, the answer is a big YES! Here’s why.

The innovative design of the lighted leather Kindle 3 cover features an integrated, retractable LED reading light in the top right-hand corner of the back panel of the cover. It does not add significant bulk to the load of the Kindle device and cover. The light only switches on when it is pulled out of the cover and illuminates the entire screen very well. The light does not cause any uncomfortable imbalance whilst holding the Kindle in this cover; also, the light appears to be unobtrusive during reading without causing glare on the screen of the Kindle. The other great convenient feature about it is that the light requires no replacement batteries as it draws power from the Kindle device internal battery via a gold-plated hinge system that secures the Kindle device to the leather Kindle cover. Trust me, I have invested my money in the chic black lighted leather Kindle cover for a review; and I have not been disappointed by Amazon.

Just for clarification, there have been problems reported about Kindle devices “freezing” due to the Amazon Kindle 3 covers. However, the lighted Amazon Kindle 3 covers cause no problems at all.

#2. M-Edge Kindle Covers for Kindle 3

M-Edge Kindle Covers-Latest Generation

Click to enlarge M-Edge Kindle Cover image

I absolutely adore M-Edge Kindle 3 Covers purely because it is a brand that is associated with an excellent variety of designs that would leave you spoilt for choice. There are many covers that would appeal to those who want to dress their Kindle in understated sophistication as exemplified by the M-Edge GO!, M-Edge Executive or M-Edge Platform Kindle Jackets.
Alternatively, for those attracted to eye-catching works of art, M-Edge have also issued a handful of superb canvas print designs from 5 of New Yorker magazines most famous covers.

If you plan to carry your Kindle on a hiking or outward-bound journey the durable ripstop nylon M-Edge Latitude covers would suit you well as the device can be completely zipped up when it is not in use.

All of these covers are fairly lightweight (4.5 oz), with the exception of the M-Edge Executive and M-Edge Capital covers which tip the balance at 7oz. The Kindle device is secured by a 4-point mounting system on the back panel of all of the M-Edge covers; it basically translates to 2 lower corner pockets and 2 upper elasticated corner straps. My personal favorite is the M-Edge Platform in red as it is light, smart-looking and the front cover flips over to form a stand; great for hands-free reading whilst waking up with a cup of coffee in the morning.

In addition, M-Edge covers recommended above are all compatible with the E-Luminator reading light weighing 1.3 oz and powered by a 1 AAA cell that allows 20 hours reading time. It is a worthwhile optional extra.

#3. Tuff-Luv Kindle Covers for Kindle 3

Tuff-Luv Traditional Leather case cover stand Kindle 3

Click to enlarge Tuff-Luv Kindle Cover image

The Tuv-Luv range which the well known UK based company Tuff-Luv have manufactured, includes a luxurious set of genuine leather flip-style Kindle 3 covers that have a sturdy integrated stand feature for the convenience of hands-free reading. All you have to do is flip up the front panel of the cover, slide your Kindle down into the back panel and secure the snap closure button and start reading. These covers are handmade with the bonus lifetime guarantee against workmanship.

Tuff-Luv have released a new set of leather and “veggie” Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Kindle covers that facilitate reading in portrait mode (3 viewing angles between 25 and 50 degrees) and landscape mode (2 orientations). I love the sleek design features and gorgeous colors that are available. Also the stand feature is sturdy with no problems switching from different viewing angles. You just need to ensure that you rest this type of Kindle cover on a clean surface for hands-free viewing otherwise the inner surface of the panel that flips under the Kindle could become messy.

#4. Eco-nique Natural Hemp Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

Eco-nique natural Hemp Brown case cover for Kindle 3

Enlarge Eco-nique Natural Hemp Brown case for Kindle 3 image

This is a professional, yet earthy looking embroidered book-style Kindle 3 cover with a pouch for papers and business cards inside the front panel and a pen holder. The sturdy construction provides great protection for the Kindle 3 too.

#5. Diane von Furstenburg Kindle Covers for Kindle 3

Diane von Furstenberg Kayley Canvas Kindle Cover – Signature Print

Enlarge Diane von Furstenberg Kayley Canvas Kindle Cover – Signature Print image

Diane von Furstenberg Kayley Canvas Kindle 3 Cover – Signature Print. This eye-catching Kindle cover exudes an eclectic vibe with its exotic print, and it is one of the best luxury items in the Kindle cover range specially commissioned by Amazon to the designer Diane von Furstenberg, who is renowned for her iconic signature prints.

For all of you dedicated followers of fashion, this rigid cotton stain resistant canvas Kindle cover will help protect your device from bumps while in transport. This is also the first animal friendly Kindle covers in our Top 10 Kindle 3 Covers and Cases list.

Its beet pink, twill blend interior will gently cushion your Kindle and the inside of the front cover carries very useful business card slots. A shiny gold toggle with the DVF signature logo will help keep your device safe when not in use and in transit.

The unique Kindle-compatible hinge inside the cover means that you can be confident that your device will stay in place while you are reading on the go.

#6. JAVOedge Kindle Covers for Kindle 3

JAVOedge Poppy Flip Case for Kindle 3

Click to enlarge JAVOedge Poppy Flip Case for Kindle 3 image

It was a pleasure to discover this brand on What I really like admire about JAVOedge is that they provide superb fabric designs for both flip-style and book-style Kindle 3 covers. My personal favorites are the JAVOedge Poppy case (available in Sky Blue, Sunny Yellow and Red Tangerine, shown in the image above) and Cherry Blossom collection (available in Ocean Blue, Cocoa Brown and Twilight Purple) because of the vivid colors and the beautiful Japanese floral print on the easy-to-grip fabric exterior.

If you are looking for designs that are a little more traditional then the JAVOedge Heritage range in plaid would suit your Kindle perfectly. If you want to dress your Kindle in something more conservative then the JAVOedge Charcoal and JAVOedge Tweed designs would be well suited to your taste.

These are one of two animal friendly Kindle covers in our Top 10 Kindle 3 Covers and Cases list, as they do not have even the slightest hint of leather. The interior is smooth and slightly padded to cushion your Kindle device when it is not in use. The magnetic closure on the opening flap provides extra security for the device and the inside of the flap has a large pocket for storing papers, small pocket for a business card and loop for a pen/pencil. My favorite feature, which makes the flip-style case a highly recommended product, is the integrated kick-stand for an enjoyable hands-free reading experience.

#7. DURAGADGET Kindle Cover with Adjustable Stand for Kindle 3

DURAGADGET Kindle Cover with Adjustable Stand for Kindle 3

Enlarge DURAGADGET Kindle Cover with Adjustable Stand image

There are four colors available in the DURAGADGET range, and not only do these covers have a kick stand but also the straightforward and clever design affords multi-viewing angles. The kick stand can be positioned on a series of steps on the back of the panel that flips under the panel housing the Kindle device. From my experience, in order to prolong the lifetime of this cover/stand you must rest it on a clean surface so as not to spoil the leather. Another important feature is that there is a magnetic closure to secure the cover when it is not in use.

#8. TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

Click to enlarge TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle 3 Cover image

This faux leather Kindle 3 Cover is very unassuming and protective. This book-style cover has a padded middle tier and a soft microfiber interior and houses the Kindle securely in what the manufacturers describe as the SureFit compartment. Furthermore, a magnetic closure secures the device it is not in use.

#9. Acase Vintage Acme Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

Acase Vintage Acme Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

Larger Acase Vintage Acme Leather Kindle 3 Cover image

Here’s another little gem of a Kindle 3 cover that converts to a 4 position viewing stand for the Kindle. This cover has a sturdy construction with the exterior hand stitched from genuine Brazilian leather and a plush velvet interior to cushion the Kindle. The Kindle is secured on a panel by 2 leather straps at the top and 2 elasticated straps at the bottom; furthermore, complete with an LED light which simply clips on the top of the Kindle when it is required.

#10. CrazyOnDigital Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

CrazyOnDigital Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 3

Enlarge CrazyOnDigital Leather Kindle 3 Cover image

This robust black leather book-style Kindle 3 cover is a good quality product for buyers on a strict budget. It protects the Kindle very well by means of 2 elasticated straps on the top corners and 2 leather fixtures on the bottom of the back panel. A magnetic closure provides extra security for the Kindle.
Hope you enjoyed our round up of the top 10 kindle 3 covers and cases.

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  1. On reviews for the Tuff-Luv cases the users say that this case (which seems to have a couple of different variations) do NOT work in landscape mode, which is extremely disappointing. Do you know of one that does?

  2. I purchased a simple sleeve for my Kindle and I am very happy with it. I like some of the covers, especially those that look unique and out of the ordinary, but they seem to be too bulky and uncomfortable to hold (at least for me).

    I went with a sleeve I purcjased at for $7.95 with free freight. The quality was better than I expected and it arrived 4 days after placing my order.

    • Hi Rob, Any form of protection is better than no protection at all. A sleeve is a good choice if you prefer to hold a bare Kindle when reading, and you can stow the Kindle loaded sleeve in a relatively debris and small objects free environment. A Kindle cover provides the convenience of book-like holdling. Although this can double the weight of the Kindle, it would still be comparable with a medium sized paperback. If however you prefer holding a bare Kindle, a full enclosure Kindle case provides the best protection – check out our Top 10 Kindle Cases page.

  3. Hi there, would like to mention that there are other accessories options for Kindle 3 now.
    Here is two a few examples:
    1. waterproof for K3
    2. Folio case for K3

    Here is the youtube video about the waterproof case

  4. Great list – are any covers available in retail stores? need one asap – can’t wait!
    – Spinner

  5. Nice Post. It’s really very good article. I am really apreciated to share it with us. Thank you

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