Mar 142012

If you already own an iPad or are contemplating buying the latest generation iPad, make sure you invest in proper protection for your device before it hits rock bottom. Yes, damage limitation in the form of protective iPad covers is well worth the cost, as figures just released from SquareTrade reveal that while we work, read and play with our iPads, we are exposing the device to breakage. Here is a synopsis of SquareTrade Research Brief on iPad

SquareTrade found customers reported iPad 2 damage 3.5 times more often than those reported for iPad 1; that’s understandable considering the iPad 2 has built-in camera so people are more likely to be a little more adventurous.

Drilling down reveals that whilst the iPad 2 is much more reliable than the iPad 1, with 3 iPad 2 malfuntioning out of 1000 devices compared with 9 for iPad 1.

The higher reliability of the iPad 2, means that the higher iPad break-down rate is due to accidental damage. In fact, 9.8% of iPad 2 owners reported a failure from accidental damage within the first 12 months, compared to only 2.8% of original iPad 1 owners, a factor of 3.5. On the basis that accidents occur randomly SquareTrade extrapolates this factor to Year 2, and predicts 19.25% its iPad 2 tablet warranty holders will report accidental damage over 2 years, compared to 5.5% of iPad 1s.

Method used by SquareTrade – analyzed data collected from over 50,000 iPads covered by SquareTrade Care Plans. Check out the infographic below, and a full report may be found here:

iPad 2 and iPad 1 reliability


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