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May 112012
iPad 3rd Generation

Suitable for all types of books: textual, color and interactive.
Largest collection of eBooks, accessed by installing free Kindle app.
Large display is ideal for displaying complex PDF and magazine content.
Easy touch interface for text entry, eg annotation.
Self-illuminating, do not need reading light in a dark environment.
Not as light as dedicated ereaders but multifunctional may replace other gadgets.
Difficult to read outdoors in sunlight.
Difficult to hold in one hand for long periods, may require a iPad cover with stand.
Back lit display not ideal for long duration readers.

Many reviewers have rated the iPad 3 as the best tablet ever seen. The display, the 4G performance, and the iOS in general is certainly impressive. It will ideally suit a user whose eBooks have a high degree of multi-media content (e.g. interactivity and videos), or complex page layout (e.g. magazines or text books with graphic images). The large display size is ideal for such applications. Price $499. Read iPad Tablet Reviews.

Oct 012011
Is The Amazon Kindle Fire The Apple iPad Killer

Early in 2010 before the iPad was released and the Kindle was riding high, the talk was about whether the iPad would be the Kindle Killer and take the ereader market from Amazon. Eighteen months later, the Kindle is still going strong and the iPad, although dominating the tablet market, has not made a significant Continue reading …

Jun 032011

Leather spells luxury in every aspect and angle. The texture and the natural shine of leather lend it a very sophisticated look naturally. This is the reason, probably, for leather being used to manufacture luxury products of different varieties including iPads. Leather provides enhanced protection to the iPad nestled within and keeps the device safe from dust and grime. Maintaining leather is also not a problem. Luxury brands in leather cases for iPads have brought out a wide range of cases in different models to suit the requirements of all people.

Jun 032011

Leather lends a very professional and business like feel to the iPad 2. It is elegant and stylish at the same time, which has made it a favorite with professionals. Furthermore, leather cases are available in a number of luxury ranges. Although expensive, these cases emit a strong aroma of luxury, which make them true eye candy for professionals. They are also available in a variety of colors. So, you do not have to stick to blacks and browns. They are excellent for storing the iPad 2 when you travel.

Jun 032011

Protection The basic reason why your iPad 2 needs a leather cover is obviously, for protection. The basic iPad cover protects the screen from scratches and hence protects the clarity of the screen. Several leather iPad covers come with shock absorbing padding in order to provide enhanced protection against impacts. Further, since the iPad 2 Continue reading …

Jun 032011

Leather is a very sturdy material that provides good protection and is durable. Leather allows some ipad case and cover designs to be made that could not be made using other materials. You can find leather iPad cases and covers in different colors, designs and thicknesses. Leather cases and covers with screen cutout make viewing Continue reading …