Mar 132011
Survey of Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony and OverDrive eBook Store Collection Size

The size of the eBook Store is an important consideration for potential buyers of ereaders, and therefore also for companies producing these readers. However despite claims of millions of eBooks in collections of some leading ereaders, anecodotal evidence of dissatisfied customers unable to find a sought after book has become significantly common. This survey by eBook Reader Guide has collated data that helps to clarify the true size of competing eBook Stores and thus help consumers to make informed decisions.

Feb 022010

With Amazon losing the eBook price battle with one of the big publishers (Mcmillian Publishing Group with 350 companies operating in over 80 countries), what implications will this have on the direction of the eBook market?  Amazon was trying to lower book prices ($9.99) and make up for the price difference with volume, but Mcmillian Continue reading …

Jan 202010

Have you used up your Kindle Gift certificate already. If you are an avid reader, book collector, or just looking free eBooks, then check out the article on 50 Cool Search Engines for Serious Readers. The article provides an excellent list of resources and broken down by the following areas of interest for book enthusiasts: Continue reading …

Nov 202009
New Moon Kindle Edition Book Price Lowered

With New Moon movie hysteria at full throttle, Stephanie Meyer and company are riding quite the wave. To push Meyer book sales further and rank higher in her respective category, Amazon has announced that the New Moon Kindle Edition is now even lower, and available as an immediate download on your Kindle reading device. The Continue reading …

Oct 052009
The Kindle Cash Machine

One of the toughest things for an author to accomplish is to get published… and then get their works SOLD. Don’t you dream of one day writing a book and becoming a published author that gets respect and notoriety? How many times have you written something wonderful, only to have it collect virtual dust on Continue reading …