KINDLE 2 Covers and Cases

Jan 012011
Top 10 Kindle Cases – Best Case for Kindle 3 and Kindle 2

Welcome to our Top 10 Kindle Cases list – designed to help you find the perfect Kindle case for your needs. If you are looking for the most elegant and stylish protection for your cherished Kindle eBook reader, you have arrived at the right place. A high level of protection is important when you are Continue reading …

Jun 302010
OCTOVO Kindle Cover Range - OCTOVO Vintage Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge

The OCTOVO Vintage Leather Kindle Cover is custom designed for the Amazon Kindle 2. High positive feedback from owners indicates that this Kindle cover is one of the best. Excellent craftsmanship, rustic character along with a smooth grain finish and contrast stitching make your Kindle your best-dressed companion. This OCTOVO Kindle cover offers full device protection with a stylish luxury Italian leather exterior. The smooth, grain like finish, allows the absorption of moisture spots, which allows for a unique, dynamic appearance over time. Inside the soft microfiber interior ensures your Kindle will always be cushioned in comfort. Holding the Kindle in this case, feels much more like a real book and is perfect for those longing to recapture the feel of reading. The cover is incredibility lightweigth, adding minimal bulk yet offers superior protection for your Kindle. The inside is completely flat which allows the cover to fold back flawlessly, allowing the user to read with one hand. Whether at home or away, this cover will protect your Kindle from scratches and dings. The cover also features a convenient interior pocket for storage of notes and other essentials. The cover utilizes the Amazon Hinge mounting system to secure the Kindle firmly in place and the cover is contoured to fit the Kindle’s smooth, rounded edges. Reading with the cover on, you can easily access all the controls of the Kindle, while still enjoying a perfect fit in your hands.

Jun 132010
Swim With Your Kindle - Waterproof Kindle Covers and Cases!

Do you want to swim with your Kindle and protect it at the same time? It’s now possible with the 100% waterproof M-Edge Guardian Kindle Case. Ideal for the beach, pool or bathtub, this waterproof Kindle Case will protect your Kindle from water and knocks whilst allowing you to enjoy reading your ebook.