Kindle Reader

May 162012
Kindle Reader

Features a E Ink display currently the closest electronic equivalent of paper, ideal for textual and long duration reading.
Can be held in one hand like a paper back book, without tiring.
Largest collection of eBooks.
Can be read outdoors in bright sunlight.
Difficult text entry, eg annotation, using single navigator button.
When dark need a Kindle reading light, or a Kindle cover with a built in light.
Not suitable for books with color or interactive content.

If compact size is important for you then this Kindle is the one to get. Also consider getting the Ads supported version – the ads aren’t obtrusive and the Kindle price is $30 cheaper. The low price point of the Kindle, combined with its very light and compact form, also makes it a candidate for the first eReader for kids and adults alike. Just make sure that you get a good quality Kindle cover or case for it. A Kindle cover will also make it more comfortable to hold the device when reading, but will not provide as much protection as fully enclosing it in a Kindle case. Read Kindle Reader Review. Price $79. Check Latest Price.

Oct 012011
Is The Amazon Kindle Fire The Apple iPad Killer

Early in 2010 before the iPad was released and the Kindle was riding high, the talk was about whether the iPad would be the Kindle Killer and take the ereader market from Amazon. Eighteen months later, the Kindle is still going strong and the iPad, although dominating the tablet market, has not made a significant Continue reading …

May 262011

If you’re looking for a Kindle waterproof Kindle cover? Something to protect your Kindle from water, sand and sun-screen when you’re on the beech, or beside the pool, or on a yacht, or in your Jacuzzi? Less exotically and perhaps more commonly you want to use your Kindle in the Kitchen to cook up recipe from a Kindle book and want to protect your Kindle from oil splashes and messy hands. You will find useful buying tips here.

May 242011

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo all have close links with E Ink Holdings, who also supply the E-Ink Pearl display for Kindle and the new Nook. Given the awards the the Triton color E-Ink technology is collecting and the path being set by Hanvon, it is only a matter of time before Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Kobo announce the first color E-Ink e-reader for the US market.