Kindle Reader

Apr 022010
Apple iPad Sets New Tablet and Ereader Standard?

The Apple iPad will be in the hands of some anxious consumers on April 3rd (this Saturday!).  If you have not pre-ordered the iPad through Apple’s website, you still can and get it by April 12th or stand in a long line at the Apple or Bestbuy physical stores which will be allocated a few Continue reading …

Mar 272010

The Kindle is the most coveted eReader. But will the iPad push the Kindle off its throne?
Or are they competing for different thrones. The Kindle is an ‘electronic book reader’ where are the iPad is more a portable computer/ games console/ entertainment multifuntional device.

Mar 152010

2010 will be adefining year for ebook readers. Amazon Kindle begins the year with a dominant position but with over 50 ebook readers to be released in the next few months it may not be the same at the end of the year.

Feb 262010

With the flood of eReaders on the market and coming to market, it’s interesting to see which format is being supported. To the average eReader owner, the eBook format is a forgone conclusion, but the author/publisher has the challenge of selecting a format for distribution. With so many formats, it seems like there are almost Continue reading …

Feb 252010
Top 5 Excuses To Get The Apple iPad

If you haven’t  heard about Apple’s new invention (the Apple iPad), then you probably have been hiding under a rock!   The promised features of the first version of the sleek device has disappointed many (even a few Apple die-hard fans). The much anticipated cool device will be available sometime next month. If you are Continue reading …

Feb 132010

There’s speculation at Techcrunch that Amazon will try to provide FREE Kindles to Amazon Prime customers (those who pay an annually fee of $79 for unlimited free 2nd day prime shipping). The free Kindle idea is just an extension of what Amazon tried to do prior to Apple’s iPad announcement by offering their best customer Continue reading …

Feb 072010

Amazon is accepting beta developer participants for the Kindle Development Kit (KDK). This is a limited beta, those who get selected will be able to: download the KDK access developer support test content on Kindle submit finished content The Kindle Development Kit includes sample code, documentation, and the Kindle Simulator, which helps developers build and Continue reading …

Feb 042010

According to a blog post on the New York Times, Amazon just bought a start-up touch-screen company (Touchco).  What does this mean for the Kindle Reader?  Can you say complete make over!? Touchco uses a technology called interpolating force-sensitive resistance, which it puts into displays that can be completely transparent and could cost as little Continue reading …