NOOK Reader

May 072012
Nook Tablet

Easy touch interface for text entry, eg annotation.
Self-illuminating, do not need reading light in a dark environment.
Suitable for all types of books: textual, color and interactive.
Lightest weight tablet, with longest battery life.
Difficult to read outdoors in sunlight.
Difficult to hold in one hand for long periods, may require a Nook Tablet cover with stand.
Back lit display not ideal for long duration readers.

The absense of a camera, GPS, or Bluetooth may disappoint the casual reader. But for dedicated readers, none of these features are essential for its primary intended purpose: reading interactive multimedia books. In fact their absense helps to the make Nook Tablet the lightest weight Tablet with a 7 inch screen and has the longest battery life. The Nook Tablet is probably the best Readers Tablet currently available.
Price $249. Read more Nook Tablet reviews.

Nov 042011

Barnes & Noble continues to enhance the reading experience for its critically acclaimed, award-winning NOOK Color by adding new content to its ever-expanding digital catalog, including special seasonal features and family favorites just in time for trick-or-treating. Customers can enjoy even more of the titles they love in rich, beautiful color – including such festive Continue reading …

May 242011

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo all have close links with E Ink Holdings, who also supply the E-Ink Pearl display for Kindle and the new Nook. Given the awards the the Triton color E-Ink technology is collecting and the path being set by Hanvon, it is only a matter of time before Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Kobo announce the first color E-Ink e-reader for the US market.

May 242011
Nook Simple Touch Reader

Features the latest e-ink screen technology offering the closest experiance of reading on paper, and so ideal for textual and long duration reading.
Can be held in one hand like a paper back book, without tiring.
Can be read outdoors in bright sunlight.
Easy touch interface for text entry, eg annotation.
When dark need a reading light, or a light built into the Nook cover.
Not suitable for books with color or interactive content.

The new NOOK Simple Touch Reader has a touchscreen sunlight readable dispay, available in charcoal grey color, weighs 7.5oz making it 35% lighter than the original NOOK, has Wifi, a claimed battery life of up to 2 months depending upon usage, and is 15% thinner than the original NOOK.
Price $79. Read Nook Simple Touch Reviews.

May 162011

Occupying the middle ground between the Kindle and the iPad in terms of functionality, the 7-inch NookColor has just got a firmware update that will please both eBook readers and multifunctional gadget users. The expanded features include: new simple e-mail app works with providers like Yahoo, Gmail and AOL, allowing users to read and send Continue reading …

Mar 132011
Survey of Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony and OverDrive eBook Store Collection Size

The size of the eBook Store is an important consideration for potential buyers of ereaders, and therefore also for companies producing these readers. However despite claims of millions of eBooks in collections of some leading ereaders, anecodotal evidence of dissatisfied customers unable to find a sought after book has become significantly common. This survey by eBook Reader Guide has collated data that helps to clarify the true size of competing eBook Stores and thus help consumers to make informed decisions.

Jun 212010

Barnes and Noble have released a new Nook WiFi device priced at $149. The price of the well established Nook WiFi+3G has been drastically reduced from $259 to $199. This could be the beginning of a Nook WiFi vs Kobo eReader and a Nook WiFi+3G vs Kindle battle for the best and popular dedicated ebook reader.

Jun 092010

If you have been considering buying a Nook, there has never been a better time as Barnes & Noble fire the first salvo in what could become a eBook Reader price war.