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Mar 132011
Survey of Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony and OverDrive eBook Store Collection Size

The size of the eBook Store is an important consideration for potential buyers of ereaders, and therefore also for companies producing these readers. However despite claims of millions of eBooks in collections of some leading ereaders, anecodotal evidence of dissatisfied customers unable to find a sought after book has become significantly common. This survey by eBook Reader Guide has collated data that helps to clarify the true size of competing eBook Stores and thus help consumers to make informed decisions.

Apr 022010
Apple iPad Sets New Tablet and Ereader Standard?

The Apple iPad will be in the hands of some anxious consumers on April 3rd (this Saturday!).  If you have not pre-ordered the iPad through Apple’s website, you still can and get it by April 12th or stand in a long line at the Apple or Bestbuy physical stores which will be allocated a few Continue reading …

Mar 152010

2010 will be adefining year for ebook readers. Amazon Kindle begins the year with a dominant position but with over 50 ebook readers to be released in the next few months it may not be the same at the end of the year.

Mar 052010
Cheaper And More Powerful E-Readers On The Horizon?

Freescale Semiconductor, the processor chip company that produces chips for most e-readers (e.g. Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader) in the market today, announced earlier in the week that they are coming out with a new and improved chip (i.MX508 applications processor). The faster processor is claimed to have twice the rendering performance of the current Continue reading …

Feb 262010

With the flood of eReaders on the market and coming to market, it’s interesting to see which format is being supported. To the average eReader owner, the eBook format is a forgone conclusion, but the author/publisher has the challenge of selecting a format for distribution. With so many formats, it seems like there are almost Continue reading …

Jan 162010

We got an excellent glimpse of potential features for upcoming eReaders at the recently ended 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.  Each eReader vendor tries to pull from the crowd with distinguishing features such as color, dual-screens, and screen size, etc.  Are these unique features enough to sway potential buyers and capture market share?  Features are important, Continue reading …

Jan 112010
Ebook Reader Audio 101

Are you wanting to know what ebook reader audio options exist for your device? Good! We have some for you. If you own the Kindle ebook reader, you can download audiobooks from (get a FREE Audiobook Download with a 14 Day Trial!), and since this is an Amazon company they make it nice and Continue reading …